Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Expressions of Gratitude

 I've been suffering from PTSD as a result of the traumatic events when my husband had his heart attack (read about it HERE: http://questionjourney.com/forgiveness/). As a Spiritual healer, I've done a lot of work to date, but was still experiencing episodes several times a day. I finally booked a session with Sharie Fox, who specializes in energy healing in this area specifically. In less than 30 minutes I was unable to bring forth any emotion about the events. The memory was there, but the debilitating reaction to it was gone. All traumas are energy and anxiety is a reaction to energy. As a Shaman I trust energy tools and processes explicitly. I can't make any guarantees, but it definitely worked for me, so much so that I'm booking a session for my 16-year old daughter who experienced those events as well. 

Several weeks after my single session with Sharie I have not had a single PTSD moment. If you experience anxiety or PTSD I HIGHLY recommend Sharie's approach to provide you with a greater sense of peace. Living with anxiety and PTSD is exceptionally difficult, if Sharie's process works for you, imagine what your life could be like. — feeling grateful.

Trish Bishop

I’ve made good use of Sharie Fox and the amazing “Harmonious Outcomes” sessions. We began with a fear that has dogged me for most of my life “Speaking on a stage”, it’s limited me in many ways and so when I signed up for the  “Rocking the Stage” Workshop I knew I wanted to do it but realized my fear could easily sabotage me. One session was enough to get me through it without crying, without being sick or hyperventilating! On top of everything else I had a family bereavement that was surprising and shocking that could have easily sopped me in my tracks - one more session made it manageable and safe for me to get on with things although I found that I felt like everything had come to a halt and so lastly but not least we tackled procrastination! Wow, I wasn’t expecting it to be like rocket fuel! I’m almost worn out from all I have achieved today, and it’s still early! What a blessing you’ve been, just when I needed you. I’d recommend this to anyone who has a challenge they wish to overcome.

Christine Hayes
Inspired Guidance - Breathtakingly Easy Manifestation

"The session I received from Sharie was very transformative!   I sustained a serious car accident 20 years ago where I was a pedestrian struck by a vehicle. I was thrown 10 feet and landed on concrete. The emotional and physical trauma that resulted from this accident has haunted me in many ways since. Sharie did a three-part trauma elimination process that has removed much of my physical pain and all of the emotional stress and re-living of the event. I am sleeping better and feeling more safe in the world than I did before. No more jumping back when a car passes in front of me! The results are quite amazing in every way and I highly recommend Sharie and her Harmonious Outcomes work."

Julia Saunders, MEd
Family Life, Sex and Relationship Coach

"One of the programs that had been running my life for many years is that of procrastination.  I was a big procrastinator, promising to do it, soon, and then pushing it to the back burner.  I would put a lot of energy and time into thinking about things that needed to be done, but felt somehow paralysed when it came to actually doing it.  Sharie said that she could help me with procrastination through a very simple process.  I was ready and willing to try one of her sessions and most of all, shift this unwanted pattern in my life.  I would like to say that the results of my session were absolutely remarkable and I immediately felt a difference in how I was feeling.  The next day I tackled every project or task on my list of to do's that I had been putting off, in some cases for many weeks    I quickly got things done and it felt great!  Since my session I have to say that I no longer put things off, I get them done quickly and efficiently which continues to amaze me!  Thank you Sharie for your guidance, I am very grateful for your assistance."

Thanks again Sharie, it truly was brilliant!

Debra Kennedy
Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Essential Oils Expert

My friend Sharie Fox is absolutely amazing. Years ago when Pandora my housemate's dog was killed in my arms I suffered from some severe PTSD. I had really bad anxiety and Sharie drove all the way from Whistler to see me in Vancouver to help me. It was like magic, the healing she was able to release for me, although I had a long road to recovery from this, the one session we had helped relieve some intense pain. If anyone has any trauma they are aware of or even some you are unaware of talk to her. She can help you! I know first hand. ~ Lyndsey Rae Harkonen

"Sharie helped me deal with the trauma of a car accident I experienced in high school. I felt comfortable as she guided me through this process that took only a few minutes and helped me deal with the trauma I had experienced. Thank you!" ~ SuzAnne Jorgensen

"Sharie changed my life in 20 minutes. I had long admired a fitness instructor who could make each student in a large class feel like they were the most important person in the room. After working with Sharie, I get how he does it, and now I'm doing it too and it just feels amazing. Everyone in the world has become my new best friend. I'm so much more at ease around people and more effective at communications. Thank you!" ~ Andi Pihl, Massage Therapist

"I never realized I still had some emotion attached to the trauma I had felt when I was “jilted” by a girlfriend in my late 20’s. When you took me back there in your process, I was surprised to have tears come up when I remembered the fear of “being alone forever” that I had back then. By the end of the session, I felt a great calm and release of energy in my body. It’s like I remember the experience but don’t have any remembrance of the anxiety I had after it. Goes to show how I (unknowingly) had that emotion trapped in my body. Thanks for helping me to release it!" ~ Name withheld by request.

February 13, 2016
This afternoon, I was engaged in a session with Sharie Fox for trauma relief. After one round of her guiding me through this unique process, I would say that my feeling of traumatic pain would register about a 4 or 5. This was significantly less than the 8 or 9 that I felt at the beginning of the session. This trauma was related to being inside a nuclear imagining machine the day before. Sharie delivered a second round of instructions and talked me through to a level of "0". After the session, I felt somewhat giddy and relaxed and soon thereafter fell into a nice, deep, restful sleep. I am scheduled for further testing next week, and I feel confident that I will be ready to endure the procedure this time without becoming overwhelmed with traumatic stress.
Joyce Mabee

More to come! If you're reading this and you've got an experience to share, please comment below or email me and I'll add it to this page. I'm so blessed to be able to share this work. For a Discovery Session, send me a message on Skype or email me.


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