Friday, October 27, 2017

Cancer and Trauma

Since about age 12 I've been reading medical and alternative healing books, studied nutrition and other healing modalities but there was always a piece missing. Why do some people get sick and never heal while others do?

What about those people who eat healthy and don't drink or smoke and still get cancer? Those who have no root canals (number one thing to deal with after a cancer diagnosis!) or other obvious blockages in their  body? Why do they get sick?

At some point I came across Louise Hay's book about how she healed her cancer by healing her emotions and past traumas.  Ryke Geerd Hamer, founder of the German New Medicine (GNM), found a way to prove that shock can and does leave a mark in the brain. Eventually he could tell just from looking at the brain where that disease would manifest itself in the body.

Recently Rashid Buttar stated on The Truth About Cancer series that, "Cancer is ALWAYS associated with some kind of trauma." He went on to talk about our belief system. If we believe we will die, we will. He's had patients that were autopsied and found to have no cancer but they died at the time they were told they would.

Some years ago an investigator into the slew of cancer diagnoses among wealthy women in NYC found that they were being diagnosed without evidence of cancer. These women proceeded to get sick, even without treatment! The Placebo Effect works both ways. People can heal without medications and they can get sick when they have no real reason too. The diagnosis can be deadly when the body is shocked.

In a perfect world we would be taught about how the body operates starting in kindergarten and how to heal it so a diagnosis wouldn't be scary. It would be no worse than a mosquito bite. An annoyance but not terrifying.

Chronic Unresolved Conflict = Cancer.

Dealing with conflict and trauma is more important than diet or detoxing.  Even if the person you've had conflict with is dead it is still possible to release the energetic charge in the body that is keeping a person sick. It must be eliminated for true healing to take place. Thankfully with a Harmonious Outcomes process, this is quite easy to do.  My recommendations:

1. Trauma Elimination for the diagnosis.

2. Trauma Elimination for any major traumatic events in your life.

3. Who Am I?  Clear off the layers of programming that have confused you and create mind chatter and distract you from your true purpose.

4. Integration process for good health. Who do you admire that has excellent health or energy? Someone who has cured their illness and created something great? These qualities will be integrated so that you will have them and can access them anytime.

5. Anxiety removal process.

6. Fear removal process.

7. Are you grieving?  If you have not processed a loved one's death, this can make a huge difference in your own healing. We are not meant to grieve excessively. Logically we know it doesn't do any good but looping thoughts are fairly normal in this situation. The Grief Elimination process will  leave you feeling good about having known that person instead of being stuck in grief. If you had an abuser who died, this process is excellent to get rid of that anger or frustration you may feel at never having had a chance to punish them or get even. You will simply feel free of it all. If they are still alive you can also benefit from this.

8. Unresolved relationship issues? This is custom tailored to your needs. Sometimes it can be as simple as one process. Other times there are multiple layers and several sessions will be needed.

Cancer can be a wonderful learning opportunity. It is a chance to clear your past traumas and stresses and learn to live instead of merely surviving and existing.  Discover how to end your struggle and create a new future of your own choosing. I encourage you to have a discovery session with me in which I will show you one process you can utilize anytime on your own and we can see if we are fit for more work together.



"Every health practitioner should be shut down if they’re not dealing with emotions." ~ Dr. Darrell Wolfe.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Does Death Need to be a Bad Experience?

Some cultures celebrate death and believe a person has moved on to a better place. Our Western culture typically views death as a negative event and a loss. How can the same species have such different feelings and beliefs for an event that will happen to all of us?

Many years ago I read in the book by Richard Carlson, "You can be Happy no Matter What", a totally new concept for my Canadian-German brain. He suggested we be happy that we had the chance to know this person and to have had them in our lives rather than grieve their loss when they die. After all, they wouldn't want us grieving endlessly. I decided to take on this belief. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work for everyone. Feelings of guilt and sadness often overwhelm the bereaved.

Most deaths produce a feeling of shock and disbelief in their family and friends. Even people whom we don't know personally, such as celebrities, can send people into a deep depression.  Even years after the death of a loved one feelings of loss and sadness can persist. The following are normal responses to death:
  • grief
  • loneliness
  • anger
  • disappointment
  • abandonment
  • shock
  • fear
  • anxiety
  • guilt
  • numbness
  • hopelessness
And then there are the events that may happen due to the death that can cause severe stress. How can you talk to the children about it when feel like you're dying inside? Did the loved one leave behind a financial diaster? Do you need to move? Do you need to dispose of the deceased items? Do you need to make decisions you're not used to making? Do you need to deal with relatives wanting a piece of the inheritance?

What if there was a way to take the edge off the emotions that can make taking action seem impossible? What if you could get through the day without breaking down and crying? What if you could do this without feeling guilt? Now there is a way.

Going through a guided process to integrate the death experience can offer immediate relief allowing a person to cope with daily life without falling to bits. See the following experiences:

Shortly after the death of her son:

"It has been amazing to me that in such a short time you were able to resolve the sharp edges of grief that had been slicing through me without notice.  I feel much more stable emotionally and am able to tell the story of what happened without breaking down into tears.  I've been able to take care of myself, my clients, and my daily responsibilities--if not with my usual energy--at least adequately.

I realize there's still much grief work to do.  It feels like my heart is expanding into the lessons grief has for me, and I am becoming a more compassionate and loving being in the process.

Many blessings to you.

Much love and gratitude",
Daria Howell

PS: I should have added that before our session I was experiencing a bout of depression and that it lifted immediately.  It hasn't returned, thankfully!
This experience is from my trainer's (Satyen Raja) client, and a big motivation in inspiring me to help others with this important work:

"On February 4th 2013 my son shot himself in the head in my home, in my chair. This occurred the day after I returned from a training where I internally addressed ongoing issues with my son and determined to create a firm boundary around his behavior in my home. When faced with a drunken man, who had driven my car home from the bar I stood in my power and told him he would have to leave in the morning when he sobered up; five minutes later he was dead. This was the trauma I shared with Satyen Raja in a telephone call three weeks later, the day before I was scheduled to leave on a lecture tour to China.  

I was an emotional wreck but the thought of escaping my home was something of a relief.  However, the thought of actually having to function on the tour was beyond my mental or emotional capacity.  This was when Satyen offered to do a Skype session with me and explained he would be running a "procedure" for me.  Without understanding exactly what was entailed, I put my trust in him and sat down in front of my computer in a daze, five hours before I left for the airport.  

Satyen ran what he called the "Trauma Release process," in less than one hour he took me through the awful events of that night and the agony disappeared but even more amazingly helped me connect on both a physical and spiritual level with my son which helped me resolve some of the agony and despair of the trauma. There was more work to do of course, grief of this sort cannot be resolved in an hour. But, the very fact that I felt stable emotionally, I actually felt like a protective wall had been formed around my heart and I could walk the walk and talk the talk for two weeks knowing that when I got home from China I was going to continue this work with Satyen soon after. 

For someone dealing with any trauma, I can only speak my truth from my own experience, it works and it works fast and it sticks, it is not a passing fad. The trauma is addressed head on and resolved as you go. As I continue to work on residual pain in my heart I am going to teach my grief counselor at home this process so that she can run it for me occasionally to check on my recovery. I know she will find it intriguing and I hope she will also find it a very useful tool in her arsenal when dealing with such pain.

I have been an AASECT certified sexuality counselor for fifteen years, I have a private practice and  have also been an RN for forty two years, always working actively in the field. I am a Ph.D in Human Sexuality and have spent most of my life learning and growing, spending tens of thousands of dollars on a life time of learning. It astonished me and actually made me laugh out loud when I realized how much I would have saved had I studied these concepts twenty years ago. This is the message I now tell my clients as I use these techniques in my practice: the work we will do today is just about to save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars but even more importantly than that, you will actually resolve your problems in hours rather than months or years (if ever) and live the lives you were meant to light and joy not heart ache and misery. Thank you Satyen for all your work and for your strength and support."

Dr. Fran Fisher RN. Ph.D

My services:

As seen by the above experiences, I can help you to remove death trauma and the emotional charges associated around the death of a loved one.
If you have a fear of death that can also be removed with a process specifically designed to remove fear and leave you peaceful. No matter what the emotion, a higher state can be achieved, normally within one session. Often there are different aspects that need addressing and a series of sessions are recommended so you are not just trauma-free but can also feel motivated to move on with your life when you're ready. Your first session is by donation. No strings attached.

Wishing You Peace and Much Love,

Sharie Fox

 photo courtesy of David Somers

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Relationship Release & Rescue

Break-ups are part of life. So why are they so hard to deal with? Why do some people get stuck for years, even a lifetime, without being able to move on and enjoy another one? Others jump right into another relationship and when the initial hormones die down you hear them complain, "All men (or women) are the same!"

Whether it is the heartbreak of being dumped for someone else, realizing you were being used for your money or your body, or possibly something irreversible like your beloved partner's death or being left with a disease like herpes, feeling like a victim is depressing and energy-sapping, not to mention it can prevent the very thing all humans need and crave, affection, love and friendship.  After a certain period of time your friends and family will get tired of hearing about the same problem over and over.  People stop answering the phone.  They don't want to be around you quite as much. I think we've all been on either side of this story at least once. Life gets even lonelier.

Why is it so hard to find a happy and balanced relationship?  Unfortunately many never find that answer or they do extensive therapy and feel even worse rehashing the same stuff over and over. Thankfully there is now a solution that gets to the real heart of the matter and deletes the energetic charge associated with past relationships.  Imagine if you could flick a light switch and leave the room that the trauma, heartbreak, abandonment, frustration, fear, dread, isolation or whatever you're feeling resides, never to return. You will never have the ability to enter that room again. No key, no axe, nothing can get you back in that room!  This is what happens with the Trauma Elimination process I guide people through.  Whether your relationship was very good or extremely abusive going through each old relationship, will clear you to be the person you want to attract in your life.

This is not a process that takes months or years. It usually takes less than an hour per relationship. Little talking is required although if you decide you want to implant more positive characteristics into your personality or eliminate deep-seated programs running your life like abandonment, anger, frustration, fear, perfectionism or procrastination, it is recommended to do a series of processes so you will not just be free of the charge associated with the relationship but also invite in the possibility of a happy, healthy and balanced new relationship. Discarding your negative behaviors and subconscious patterns and really knowing who you are will easily attract this into your life.

Take a look and see what other clients have to say:  If it appeals to you, send me a message via email or Skype with the times you're available and we will have a preliminary consultation to see if we are the right fit for a Journey to Your Best Self Ever!

"There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." - Anais Nin (photo courtesy of David Somers)

Love and Blessings,

~Sharie Fox
email: detoxexpert @
Skype: "" (BC, Canada)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Expressions of Gratitude

 I've been suffering from PTSD as a result of the traumatic events when my husband had his heart attack (read about it HERE: As a Spiritual healer, I've done a lot of work to date, but was still experiencing episodes several times a day. I finally booked a session with Sharie Fox, who specializes in energy healing in this area specifically. In less than 30 minutes I was unable to bring forth any emotion about the events. The memory was there, but the debilitating reaction to it was gone. All traumas are energy and anxiety is a reaction to energy. As a Shaman I trust energy tools and processes explicitly. I can't make any guarantees, but it definitely worked for me, so much so that I'm booking a session for my 16-year old daughter who experienced those events as well. 

Several weeks after my single session with Sharie I have not had a single PTSD moment. If you experience anxiety or PTSD I HIGHLY recommend Sharie's approach to provide you with a greater sense of peace. Living with anxiety and PTSD is exceptionally difficult, if Sharie's process works for you, imagine what your life could be like. — feeling grateful.

Trish Bishop

I’ve made good use of Sharie Fox and the amazing “Harmonious Outcomes” sessions. We began with a fear that has dogged me for most of my life “Speaking on a stage”, it’s limited me in many ways and so when I signed up for the  “Rocking the Stage” Workshop I knew I wanted to do it but realized my fear could easily sabotage me. One session was enough to get me through it without crying, without being sick or hyperventilating! On top of everything else I had a family bereavement that was surprising and shocking that could have easily sopped me in my tracks - one more session made it manageable and safe for me to get on with things although I found that I felt like everything had come to a halt and so lastly but not least we tackled procrastination! Wow, I wasn’t expecting it to be like rocket fuel! I’m almost worn out from all I have achieved today, and it’s still early! What a blessing you’ve been, just when I needed you. I’d recommend this to anyone who has a challenge they wish to overcome.

Christine Hayes
Inspired Guidance - Breathtakingly Easy Manifestation

"The session I received from Sharie was very transformative!   I sustained a serious car accident 20 years ago where I was a pedestrian struck by a vehicle. I was thrown 10 feet and landed on concrete. The emotional and physical trauma that resulted from this accident has haunted me in many ways since. Sharie did a three-part trauma elimination process that has removed much of my physical pain and all of the emotional stress and re-living of the event. I am sleeping better and feeling more safe in the world than I did before. No more jumping back when a car passes in front of me! The results are quite amazing in every way and I highly recommend Sharie and her Harmonious Outcomes work."

Julia Saunders, MEd
Family Life, Sex and Relationship Coach

"One of the programs that had been running my life for many years is that of procrastination.  I was a big procrastinator, promising to do it, soon, and then pushing it to the back burner.  I would put a lot of energy and time into thinking about things that needed to be done, but felt somehow paralysed when it came to actually doing it.  Sharie said that she could help me with procrastination through a very simple process.  I was ready and willing to try one of her sessions and most of all, shift this unwanted pattern in my life.  I would like to say that the results of my session were absolutely remarkable and I immediately felt a difference in how I was feeling.  The next day I tackled every project or task on my list of to do's that I had been putting off, in some cases for many weeks    I quickly got things done and it felt great!  Since my session I have to say that I no longer put things off, I get them done quickly and efficiently which continues to amaze me!  Thank you Sharie for your guidance, I am very grateful for your assistance."

Thanks again Sharie, it truly was brilliant!

Debra Kennedy
Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Essential Oils Expert

My friend Sharie Fox is absolutely amazing. Years ago when Pandora my housemate's dog was killed in my arms I suffered from some severe PTSD. I had really bad anxiety and Sharie drove all the way from Whistler to see me in Vancouver to help me. It was like magic, the healing she was able to release for me, although I had a long road to recovery from this, the one session we had helped relieve some intense pain. If anyone has any trauma they are aware of or even some you are unaware of talk to her. She can help you! I know first hand. ~ Lyndsey Rae Harkonen

"Sharie helped me deal with the trauma of a car accident I experienced in high school. I felt comfortable as she guided me through this process that took only a few minutes and helped me deal with the trauma I had experienced. Thank you!" ~ SuzAnne Jorgensen

"Sharie changed my life in 20 minutes. I had long admired a fitness instructor who could make each student in a large class feel like they were the most important person in the room. After working with Sharie, I get how he does it, and now I'm doing it too and it just feels amazing. Everyone in the world has become my new best friend. I'm so much more at ease around people and more effective at communications. Thank you!" ~ Andi Pihl, Massage Therapist

"I never realized I still had some emotion attached to the trauma I had felt when I was “jilted” by a girlfriend in my late 20’s. When you took me back there in your process, I was surprised to have tears come up when I remembered the fear of “being alone forever” that I had back then. By the end of the session, I felt a great calm and release of energy in my body. It’s like I remember the experience but don’t have any remembrance of the anxiety I had after it. Goes to show how I (unknowingly) had that emotion trapped in my body. Thanks for helping me to release it!" ~ Name withheld by request.

February 13, 2016
This afternoon, I was engaged in a session with Sharie Fox for trauma relief. After one round of her guiding me through this unique process, I would say that my feeling of traumatic pain would register about a 4 or 5. This was significantly less than the 8 or 9 that I felt at the beginning of the session. This trauma was related to being inside a nuclear imagining machine the day before. Sharie delivered a second round of instructions and talked me through to a level of "0". After the session, I felt somewhat giddy and relaxed and soon thereafter fell into a nice, deep, restful sleep. I am scheduled for further testing next week, and I feel confident that I will be ready to endure the procedure this time without becoming overwhelmed with traumatic stress.
Joyce Mabee

More to come! If you're reading this and you've got an experience to share, please comment below or email me and I'll add it to this page. I'm so blessed to be able to share this work. For a Discovery Session, send me a message on Skype or email me.


Sharie :)
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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Live a Larger Life With a Slimmer Healthier Body

"Self-image sets the boundaries of accomplishment."
-- Maxwell Maltz, Author & Plastic Surgeon
In our current world being nonjudgmental is quickly becoming the normal standard of relationship behaviour. Yet, on a daily basis I read experiences of people who lose their fat and suddenly a whole new world around them opens up. A world of people who didn't see them before, as if somehow their large body made them somehow less worthy of attention, now not only notice them but even befriend them. Suddenly they are getting asked out on dates by people who they walked past in the office hallway daily for years. Remember the classic film Shallow Hal? Unfortunately we cannot have all the people in our world hypnotized by Tony Robbins! We need to take some action ourselves.

If you're tired of struggling harder than your peers, tired of being used by the opposite sex just for a quick fling instead of a real relationship, or tired of just not getting your voice heard, tired of sweating when walking up the stairs, tired of shopping for clothes that just don't fit, tired of feeling invisible, there's now another solution. 
This is not another one of those diets that are pretty much guaranteed to fail and make you gain yet another 10, 20, 50 or even 100 pounds when you yo-yo back again. This is about dealing with the underlying causes of why the weight even appeared.  There are similar underlying emotional patterns in virtually all obese people, or chronically underweight for that matter. Food becomes something you can control. Or not.  Two issues that are really just different sides of the same coin.

Of course a good diet is a good idea but when the Hagen Daz and pizza are calling at midnight, intention goes out the window perpetuating the same cycle again.  Tears, self-loathing and a feeling of failure ensue once again.
How would you feel if you could painlessly say "NO" to unhealthy foods? Without craving them? What if you could go to a movie and not feel like you just HAVE to buy popcorn and a Coke? What if the very idea would seem repulsive? Imagine going to a buffet or a pot luck and filling your plate one time and being satisfied!
Would you like to shop for a new wardrobe from a nice store? Would you like to run a marathon? Go to a beach without embarrassment? Or would you be happy just be able to see your shoes from a standing position? Or pick up your children without discomfort? Take a deep breath, close your eyes and take a few minutes to think about how your life would be different if you were slimmer and healthier. Don't continue reading until you have done this!

It is possible.  The reason diets fail is that they fail to address the emotions and traumas that caused the weight to be put on in the first place.  Years of over-eating lead to toxic build-up and oddly enough even deficiencies of minerals and nutrients due to the acid build up in the body.  This needs to be addressed as well. Whether you prefer to be vegan or enjoy a Paleo diet, you can be healthy.

If you are willing and committed to finally lose that excess fat and become the True You that you were born to be there is finally an answer.  Deprivation is not pleasant and I don't believe in it. I will teach you to identify and test the foods you are allergic too. Other than those foods, you may still eat whatever you like. Progress will be quicker if you are willing to upgrade a few foods for healthier options and you will likely be adding in a few things as well. 
If you suffer from food aversions you will be required to supplement. All the emotional repair-work in the world will not get you to healthy if you won't eat any veggies! With this program you can change those patterns, even if you were force-fed disgusting canned vegetables as a child against your will.

Pounds will melt off as if by magic with each layer of emotional trauma and problem that is removed. Motivation to exercise may magically appear even if you hate exercise and were always the last to be chosen for the team in school. Together we will remove the blocks and addictive patterns so that you will achieve a life-long, permanent result with tools you can use for the rest of your life. Addictions must be dealt with using nutrition as well. Key elements in the brain are missing and need to be replaced in order to not feel cravings.
Typically we will work together over Skype. If you are relatively local to me we can arrange for an in-home visit for even more personalized attention. Whether it is that nagging last 10 pounds or 100 or more pounds, together we can work to achieve your goal of health and having a successful life in all areas. 

For a consultation to see if you are a suitable candidate for this program simply send an email to Include your name, phone number or Skype ID and a good time to reach you. 

A vibrant, happy, slim and confident life does not need to be just a pipe dream. It can be yours.

Love and Blessings,

Monday, February 24, 2014

End Struggle Now

Have you ever felt stuck? Like no matter what you do nothing will ever work out right? I sure did! I was practically paralyzed with anxiety and stress due to a "friend" wrongfully accusing me of some nasty things and spreading these lies to other friends and workmates. I won't get into details here publicly, suffice it to say that it was quite traumatizing and the "me" who is normally pretty grounded and balanced just lost all control. This event left me in financial devastation as well.

Last August, without even checking the website, I signed up for a Harmony Integration evening seminar since I happened to be in Vancouver that day anyway. During that seminar I learned one process that eliminated all the trauma and anxiety revolving around the above-mentioned incident. That was back in August and no stress about that situation ever reappeared. I was fascinated how simple it was and immediately signed up for the workshop to learn all the Harmony Integration processes. All this was without so much as the possibility of a credit card down payment thanks to my financial state. I figured it was meant to be and somehow the money would appear.

I sold some stuff, house-sat and downsized and literally a couple of days before the workshop started the last of the needed cash appeared. It was well worth it! I witnessed 40 year old traumas disappear. Saw a woman standing several inches taller when her car accident injury corrected itself. I remembered events that I had long forgotten that were causing certain patterns in my life. I stopped getting stressed out over minor stuff like being on time. My speaking ability improved in what seemed like an instant. I could go on and probably will in future posts!

Harmony Integration works on an energetic level. There is no longer any need to talk about a problem for years on end. Often times one session will clear an incident that is running a person's life. This will trigger a chain of events and create peace in other aspects of life as well. Sometimes other issues come to the surface and can be dealt with now rather than stay trapped inside running a person's life without their knowledge. Imagine something your grandfather did to your father and now that runs YOUR life. Yes, it can and DOES happen! With Harmony Integration that can now be removed and you can be free to live the version of your life that YOU want.

  • finding your life's purpose 
  • integrating beneficial characteristics such as communication skills, confidence or charm 
  • get rid of negative habits, anxieties, addictions, fears 
  • get over break-ups, divorces, deaths, family issues 
  • stop getting stressed out about your mouthy teenagers or messy kids *be the best YOU possible and create a better life than even more than you ever imagined! 
What would happen if you didn't do anything about your problem? Where would you be next week? Next year? 10 years from now?  Would you be happy at the end of your life?  Book a Discovery Session to End Your Struggle with a Harmonious Outcome now. Whether it is a severe trauma, exam anxiety, overeating or other annoying habit controlling your life, together we can have you feeling happy and free! Please email me at detoxexpert at and we can book a Skype appointment.

Love & Blessings to All