Monday, February 24, 2014

End Struggle Now

Have you ever felt stuck? Like no matter what you do nothing will ever work out right? I sure did! I was practically paralyzed with anxiety and stress due to a "friend" wrongfully accusing me of some nasty things and spreading these lies to other friends and workmates. I won't get into details here publicly, suffice it to say that it was quite traumatizing and the "me" who is normally pretty grounded and balanced just lost all control. This event left me in financial devastation as well.

Last August, without even checking the website, I signed up for a Harmony Integration evening seminar since I happened to be in Vancouver that day anyway. During that seminar I learned one process that eliminated all the trauma and anxiety revolving around the above-mentioned incident. That was back in August and no stress about that situation ever reappeared. I was fascinated how simple it was and immediately signed up for the workshop to learn all the Harmony Integration processes. All this was without so much as the possibility of a credit card down payment thanks to my financial state. I figured it was meant to be and somehow the money would appear.

I sold some stuff, house-sat and downsized and literally a couple of days before the workshop started the last of the needed cash appeared. It was well worth it! I witnessed 40 year old traumas disappear. Saw a woman standing several inches taller when her car accident injury corrected itself. I remembered events that I had long forgotten that were causing certain patterns in my life. I stopped getting stressed out over minor stuff like being on time. My speaking ability improved in what seemed like an instant. I could go on and probably will in future posts!

Harmony Integration works on an energetic level. There is no longer any need to talk about a problem for years on end. Often times one session will clear an incident that is running a person's life. This will trigger a chain of events and create peace in other aspects of life as well. Sometimes other issues come to the surface and can be dealt with now rather than stay trapped inside running a person's life without their knowledge. Imagine something your grandfather did to your father and now that runs YOUR life. Yes, it can and DOES happen! With Harmony Integration that can now be removed and you can be free to live the version of your life that YOU want.

  • finding your life's purpose 
  • integrating beneficial characteristics such as communication skills, confidence or charm 
  • get rid of negative habits, anxieties, addictions, fears 
  • get over break-ups, divorces, deaths, family issues 
  • stop getting stressed out about your mouthy teenagers or messy kids *be the best YOU possible and create a better life than even more than you ever imagined! 
What would happen if you didn't do anything about your problem? Where would you be next week? Next year? 10 years from now?  Would you be happy at the end of your life?  Book a Discovery Session to End Your Struggle with a Harmonious Outcome now. Whether it is a severe trauma, exam anxiety, overeating or other annoying habit controlling your life, together we can have you feeling happy and free! Please email me at detoxexpert at and we can book a Skype appointment.

Love & Blessings to All


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